The sports streaming environment is fast evolving, accommodating useful and relevant innovations and making rooms for continued future growth. There are some notable shifts in streaming providers’ choice of content, and presentation forms, and customers are finding themselves better-positioned to control things based on their priorities. Read on more about sports streaming subscription and some of the top trends expected to remain in limelight and shape the industry in 2023.

Top sports streaming subscription trends of 2023

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Sports is always in demand and will never go out of fashion. This makes businesses that are efficiently leveraging it remain profitable. But like any other industry, it is important to keep innovating and address the evolving priorities of customers.

Top sports streaming subscription trends 2023

Integration social media strategy into sports streaming

In today’s fast-changing world with evolving fan priorities, OTT platforms are seeing new opportunities of engagement by diversifying their content formats, including integration of social media. This is an attractive thing for younger fans, who are hooked to social media environment and want to watch their spots in an immersing way, while getting connected and being heard socially.

Hybrid monetization model , subscription billing management software

Coverage of niche and smaller sports

Another crucial trend is how fan viewing preferences are prompting sports OTT and streaming providers to diversify their spots coverage. Gone are the days when only a few top grossing sports were in demand or OTT providers did not find any value in covering sports beyond a few chosen ones. Today, they are showing dedicated shows, commentaries, fan interviews, player specific content and more on various types of sports, including the smaller ones with relatively fewer audiences base compared to the big ones. This is a good sign in the world of sports because it democratizes content, making room for every sports fans.

Hybrid monetization model

When it comes to monetization, OTT platform are using a few core models, including Ad-supported video on demand (AVOD), Subscription video on demand (SVOD), Transactional video on demand (TVOD) etc. When choosing a subscription model, viewers look at many aspects and the options to chose from wide-ranging models allow them to see what they want, the way they want.

Tailored content

Sports OTT providers are coming up with unique variety of interesting content – from live shows to dedicated sports only content and more. This gives viewers more reasons to stay connected with their screens. A dedicated fan base also means more ways to monetize their content for OTT providers.

Concluding remarks

The above are just a few of the many trends that are expected to shape the industry for better. We will populate this article with more content in future if needed. But there’s something that needs to be told. No matter how well you show and leverage on your sports content, you must have a proper system and centralized process to manage your subscription. Because subscription won’t fetch any value without proper visibility and control. This is where you get SUBECOB.  It helps you manage and optimize your subscription business with better control and visibility. It lets you focus on your business while it does everything else for you. In other words, you can automate everything in as few clicks as possible.

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