The direction modern consumer marketplace has taken is clear – People seek high-quality products and services, they increasingly reward access and usage of a solution over ownership, they want positive relationship with brands in this experience economy.

As a company, your first priority is to reinvent ways to build a long-standing association with customers, and acknowledge their interest with you. Subscription economy is influencing every single industry in the disruptive marketplace. The power of Cloud, digital transformation, application modernization, IoT, SaaS, PaaS are all contributing towards a matured working system where engagement is redefined every day.  

It is interesting to note how even manufacturing companies are also shifting from traditional one time sales to subscription business. Construction equipment giant Caterpillar, for example, joins the  ‘subscription economy’, by digitally enabling its machines to offer more service-based licensing deals. Source

Name any sector, and there is a subscription success case study. In retail, Amazon Prime; in entertainment, Netflix; In Media, The New York Times and more; the subscription economy is growing and it will shape customer engagement through continued value offerings using future-ready technologies.

Why manufacturers, heavy industries are shifting towards subscription model?

Easy scalability – Customers can pick and narrow down on any products and/or services, as they desire. It suits their specific requirement and they can manage the billing depending on the usability and their experiences about the offerings.    

Predictability – The experience of consistency is extremely important in this disruptive market. Consumer demands are changing every day, and new products take days to become obsolete. Here’s why a company if goes subscription model way, gains from predictability, and consistent revenue.

Stronger customer relationship – The manufacturing industry is extremely competitive and requires huge amount of capital to sustain. Making customers stick to their offerings is a challenge. Leveraging on new-age technology, they can make great customer relationship and models such as subscription, only makes them reinvent values.

The Future of Subscription Business in Manufacturing and Other industries

The subscription economy is expected to grow in the years to come, and will only improve using future technologies. Having said that, the business model has not reached its peak. Those who take advantage of the development and continue to gain value from it will survive. Having a properly articulated subscription business service is not therefore important, it is crucial.

About SubEcob

SubEcob is a Cloud-based monetization platform to simplify subscription business, Quote to order, Up-sell, Down-sell, Recurring Bill & revenue, Subscriber Life-cycle management, Analytics & Reporting from one single platform Subecob empowers companies from any industry seamlessly migrate into a subscription business using a fully-functional cloud-based software platform. It frees companies to develop their own Subscription Billing and back-end systems to handle ongoing subscription-based / Recurring Billing, Revenues & payments. As a result, companies achieve real-time simplicity in the management of customer subscription and payments from a single point.