After Basketball and football, it is the game of baseball that has quite interesting number of fans from worldwide. It is for this reason only that in very few years MLB (Major League Baseball) has become one of the most popular professional sport leagues of the world. Many Sports TV networks like FOX, ESPN, MLB network has taken rights to broadcast this game to earn revenues.  However, with changing times, watching this game has also come up with various options like buying ticket in stadium to watch live sport, registering for subscription ticketing, subscribing for channel which have the rights to broadcast the game etc.

Being one of the most popular sport which generates handsome revenues for channels, various broadcasting platforms are looking out for new ways which can bring more profits and revenues through this game. Among the various methods, it is the concept of subscription ticketing service which boost the customer loyalty through paid-for-membership service. At once this concept seems to difficult to understand but it could be best understood through an example. So, for instance if we pay some extra money to avail the better services from Amazon then we become their Amazon Prime member which promises better products with fast delivery by keeping their Prime customers on first preference.

With everything available online, loyalty nowadays seems to be a very rare found commodity. But with the help of subscription model, this loyalty seems to bring stronger bond from the customers. ON the basis of this concept only, now even MLB has started offer subscription ticketing to bring in and attract more fans towards this game. The whole program of subscription ticketing has been designed to offer flexible experience to its viewers. Under this plan, MLB sell out certain number of seats to the viewers at discounted rate on a fixed monthly fee charge basis.

In general, this model suits those who prefer watching games on mobile and are seeking for some flexible plan that can suit their budget pocket also. This concept allows the most dynamic way of delivering tickets by incentivizing the viewers to buy a season long ticket at attractive rates. Most of the ticket buying audience for MLB game is youth which is millennial and young. For them, mobile is everything. Although, this concept still has many new innovations to bring but as if for now also subscription ticketing model is the best way to enjoy the adventure and thrill of game. Made to deliver best client experience, the whole idea of subscription ticketing seems to bring new revenue heights for the game.

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